What is Wrong with Your Testing?

  • a project was not that big, so it was not that hard to achieve 100%
  • lots of failing or problematic tests were marked as skip, so they are not executed
  • there was not many tests or no tests at all, i.e. tests coverage was non-existing


  1. To find defects and failures thus reduce the level of risk of inadequate software quality.
  2. To provide sufficient information to stakeholders to allow them to
    make informed decisions, especially regarding the level of quality of
    the test object.

Result Changes in the Last Flow

New button

Filter by Result Change



  • +1 if the result is not passed
  • +1 if there is no comment attached to the result ie. it is not root-caused yet
  • +1 if the result is failure
  • +1 if the result was pretty stable (so it is the same over several test runs), ie. instability is <= 3
  • +1 if the result is rather recent (the age is < 5) ie. ignore old failures
  • +1 if this is a regression


Finding Changes in the Past



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Michal Nowikowski

Michal Nowikowski

Kraken CI Founder. I’m software engineer focused on full-stack programming and improving software processes.