Kraken CI, New Kid on the CI block

  • flexible workflow planning using Starlark/Python
  • distributed building and testing
  • various executors: bare metal, Docker, LXD
  • highly scalable to thousands of executors
  • sophisticated test results analysis
  • email and Slack notifications
Branch flows

1. Download Kraken Files for Docker Compose

Download configuration files for Docker Compose from Kraken GitHub releases page. They are:

2. Start Kraken Services

In a terminal, in the folder where downloaded files are located, run:

docker-compose — env-file kraken-X.Y.env -f kraken-docker-compose-X.Y.yaml up
Logs after starting docker-compose

3. Log In

On the main page, log in as admin using admin/admin credentials.

Login page

4. Authorize Agent

Go to the menu Agents -> Discovered. The Discovered Agents page shows
agents that try to connect to the Kraken server but were not yet
authorized by an admin.

Dashboard page and a menu to Discovered Agents

5. The First Project and its Branch

Click the cog icon on the right side of Project Demo. It leads to
the project settings page.

Dashboard page and a cog link to project settings page
Project settings page and a link to branch page
Branch page

6. Trigger the First Flow

Click the Run CI Flow button to trigger the first flow of the branch
workflow, and then confirm it by clicking the Submit button.

Flow page and a link to Stage Run page

7. Results of The Run

Click the Tests run link to get to results of the run.

Run page and Jobs tab
Run page and Test Results tab



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