Hello Worlds in 22 Langs on Kraken CI

Hello World Programs

Every programmer knows what does `Hello World` program looks like.

int main(){
printf(“Hello World\n”);
return 0;
$ ./run.sh C

Kraken Base Language Images

For each language, there is prepared a Docker image. They are based on
official images for these languages. For Kraken, they got some extras
like Kraken Agent that is running using kraken user (not root).

The Workflow

The mentioned workflow can be found in kraken-workflow.py file.


This article shows how Kraken CI can build programs written in various
languages. Kraken provides prepared Docker images for many
languages. It is easy to define sophisticated workflows that
dynamically define jobs that can be run in parallel. In the end, it is
nice to observe the results of workflow execution in Kraken UI.



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